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M&H Construction

Proudly Serving the Rangeley Lakes Region Since 1981

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Commercial Excavation
  • Highway Road Construction and Reconstruction

  • Water and Sewer Utilities 

  • Drainage 

  • Environmental Work 

  • Airport Improvements 

  • Site work for commercial businesses and municipalities. 

  • Real Estate Development  

Residential Excavation
  • Septic Systems

  • Foundation Excavating

  • Roads and Driveways

  • Lot Clearing

  • Water lines

  • Underground Utilities

  • Dug Wells 

  • Ditching & Culvert Install

  • Mechanical Harvesting

  • Selective Thinning or Clearing

  • Chipping

  • Trucking



Rangeley Sand & Gravel: 

  • 3/4" Stone Round or Crushed

  • 1  1/2" Crushed Stone

  • 1-6" Rock 

  • 6-12" Rip Rap Rock

  • 12" and up Rock

  • 6" Minus Gravel

  • 4" Crushed Gravel

  • 1/2" Crushed or Screened Gravel

  • Bank run Sand or Gravel

  • Recycled Asphalt (RAP)

  • Screened Borrow

Oquossoc Shale & Gravel: 

  • 3/4" Crushed Shale (Blue or Brown)

  • 1  1/2" Crushed Shale (Brown)

  • Bank run Shale



Septic Systems

The M&H Difference 

Commercial & Municipal 

Road Construction

Rangeley Concrete 


We are pleased to now be offering Ready-mix Concrete to the Rangeley Lakes Region and surrounding communities. Contact us today for your Ready-mix needs!


Rageley Concrete


In 1976, after serving in The United States Army, Scott Millbury and David “Joe” Haley returned home to Rangeley, Maine and began their career working at harvesting and trucking wood products. Joe bought a skidder for harvesting and road-siding of the wood and Scott handled the transportation of the wood with the truck he purchased. 
In 1981, after gaining a foothold in the wood business, the partnership of M&H Logging and Construction was formed. Harvesting and hauling wood and constructing forest management roads was the primary task for the next few years. 
In 1985 M&H purchased two complete logging camps and all the logging and construction equipment from Paul Bolduc Logging Company. With the additional equipment and manpower, it seemed that each new venture grew into another line of work for which there was a demand. With an ever-increasing workload and commitments, a second partnership of J&S Logging was formed. 
J&S Logging assumed the role of woods operations, harvesting and roadside placement of wood products. With continued expansion of woods operations and sensing an increased environmental concern, in 1992, J&S purchased a cut-to-length harvesting system. The new (at the time) Rottne system of a single grip harvester and Rottne forwarder allowed them to entirely clear a wood lot, or selectively thin out areas and selectively cut damaged or diseased trees, thus promoting a health forest. 
In 1993, M&H and J&S were voted “Northeastern Loggers of the Year” by The Northeastern Loggers Association of Syracuse NY.
Throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s, M&H began traveling to the central and southern parts of the state to expand their construction work. M&H had an office in Gorham Maine during this time frame. While maintaining a close relationship with their private clients, house foundations, driveways, and septic systems back in Rangeley, M&H branched out into many other areas of public construction. State, municipal, and private development work, roads, bridge repair/replacement, and utility work. In 1998, M&H purchased a gravel pit off of Route 16 that is now known as Rangeley Sand & Gravel. Later purchasing a Shale pit in the mid-2000’s now known as Oquossoc Shale & Gravel. 
Contracting with the Department of Conservation, M&H has built access roads and cleared public lots. Working with the Department of Transportation, M&H has built several stretches of major highways including the reconstruction of Route 2 in Dixfield, Route 27 in Coburn Gore and the Route 3 connector off exit 113 in Augusta. M&H also does commercial pipe work for municipal water and sewage treatment plants, commercial and residential site work for homes and business including building roads, driveways and installing conduit for utilities in residential subdivisions is a large part of their business.
The mid-2000’s saw a scale back as M&H returned home to the Western Mountains as there was an increasing amount of work to be done around the Rangeley Lakes Region. With new commercial buildings going up around town there was plenty of earth to be moved from their backyard. Over the past decade and a half M&H has helped construct the Rangeley Public Safety Building, Backwoods Clothing & Embroidery, Franklin Savings Bank, Rangeley IGA, Parkside & Main Restaurant just to name a few, as well as serving many other local clients. Recent projects include phase 1 of the Rangeley Town Park, rebuilding and replacing the water main on High & School Street, and the rebuilding of the Carry Road in Oquossoc.
On the logging side of things, M&H and J&S transformed from hand crews to a mechanical crew with the purchase of a feller buncher, two grapple skidders, delimber, and a chipper during this timeframe. M&H traded away the Rottne Cut-to-Length operation in 2015 as their job was complete after 20 years of service. 
M&H has grown and prospered through diversification, top notch quality and good, old fashion hard and honest work. They are ever thankful for a very competent and loyal work force.



Year Established




Dump Trucks




Rangeley Town Park Phase II 2018 Before and After

Rangeley Lakes Regional School Expansion 2017

Rangeley Town Park Phase II 2018

Rangeley Town Park Phase II 2018

Rangeley School Expansion 2017

Rangeley School Expansion 2017


Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport Apron Project 2017


Route 4 Avon Rebuild 1998


Rangeley Sand & Gravel 2017

Scan 7 Avon 1998

Avon 1998

Scan 5 Avon 1998

Route 4 Avon Rebuild 1998


Herrick Farm Road 2017


Rangeley School 2017


Rangeley School 2017


Rangeley School 2017


Rangeley Sand & Gravel 2017

Rangeley Airport Apron Project 2017

Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport Apron Project 2017

Rangeley Fitness Center 2000

Rangeley Fitness Center 2000


Carry Road Rebuild 2013


Rangeley School Expansion 2017


Tim Pond Loop 2015


Four M&H Bulldogs stopping for a drink. Hauling Atlantic Salmon to Eastport 2018

Rangeley Lakes Regional School Soccer Field 2014


Waterboro Water Main Replacement 1991


Carry Road Rebuild 2013

High Street Water Main and Road Reconstruction 2014

Phone 2014 1079

Terraces Camp Demolition 2014

Oquossoc Water Main Project 2001


Lower Dam Removal 2005


Logging at the Race Track 2016

Lincoln Pond Rd Subdivision  2015

Lincoln Pond Road Subdivision 2015

Taylor Farm Road 2012

Taylor Farm Road 2012

Rangeley Town Park 2016

Rangeley Town Park Phase I 2016

Johnson Farm Road 2011

Johnson Farm Road 2011

Route 4 Carry Rd. Oquossoc 2013

Route 4 Carry Rd. Oquossoc 2013


Chick Hill Sewer Lagoon 1996

Rangeley IGA 2002

Rangeley IGA 2002


Rangeley IGA 2002-2003

Rangeley Transfer Station Construction 1991

Steven A. Bean Municipal Airport Apron Project 2017


Augusta Exit 113 Route 3 Connector. 2002-2003

450 route 4 copy

Route 4 Culvert Replacement Main Street Rangeley. 2000


Rangeley Soccer Field 2014


Rangeley School Expansion 2017



M&H is always on the lookout for skilled help in the construction trade. Whether it be Heavy Equipment Operators, Foreman, Truck Drivers, Mechanics, Layout, or you are looking to start a new career in this constantly growing industry. M&H prides itself on teamwork, dedication, and good ol' fashioned hard and honest work. The one thing that separates M&H from other employers is the diversity in the work. You are always doing something different. One day you might be working on a local road project, the next day you might be digging a foundation. It brings the monotonousness out of your week. Working in one of the most scenic regions of the state doesn't hurt either! If you feel you might be up to the challenge, please get ahold of us!




Celebrating our 40th year in Buisness! 





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